Ribbon for Health Plans

Reduce the burden of managing provider data and improve member satisfaction.

Ribbon for Health Plans offers high-quality, up-to-date provider data that improves both your internal processes and member experiences.

Why choose Ribbon

  • Efficiency: Achieve ~95% time savings in data management.

  • Quality: Ribbon's national payer-provider customer achieved a 99% post-visit CSAT score.

  • Member Trust: 62% don't trust their health plan for accurate care. Ribbon changes that.

  • Insights & Compliance: <48-hour data processing for strong member experience and regulatory compliance.

  • One Source of Truth: Centralize and streamline provider data workflows to improve decision-making.

  • Customization: A dedicated team to tailor Ribbon's technology to your unique needs.

Download the Ribbon for Health Plans one-pager to learn more about how to join + detailed information on all data included.